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Team of hardworking who focus on creating aesthetically pleasing sustainable landscapes
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Sustainable plants

Your home should be your sanctuary, and the exterior environment is just as important as the interior. We are drawn to care for living things because they keep us alive and energized in return.

We know that the elements can make growing successful gardens challenging at times. Fortunately we focus on using native plants that require little to no protection from the weather and create sustainable landscapes.

Let’s learn a little bit more about a few of our favorite natives:

Rough liatris: Requires a place that is exposed to semi-shade on days with hot temperatures, and with direct sunlight on cooler days. If you can water them daily, even better.

Yarrow: they prefer full sunlight but partial shade doesn’t bother them either. Although they are drought-tolerant, give them water at least once a week.

Pale purple cone flower: easy care, a lot of sun, and well drained soil. As long as it isn’t in a wetland and gets sun, it should be just fine.

These plants are highly recommended if you are looking for sustainability and something easy to care for.

If you are looking for a landscape design that matches your home, be sure to hire professionals who can create the paradise you are looking for. Remember that it is not only about beauty and durability: a good garden can last for decades and give your home that unique touch that you’ve been dreaming of.

Now you are ready to enjoy outdoor activities with your loved ones. Will it be a BBQ or simply a relaxing evening by the fire?

Nature is beautiful, Moon Dog wants to share it with you.

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